Vermont Smoke Cure

Vermont Smoke & Cure™ a tasty and healthy way on the paleo diet for those on the go that want that extra bit of protein.
At VSC we’ve been consciously crafting delicious smoked meats and meat snacks since 1962. We use responsibly sourced meats, and simple local ingredients like Vermont maple syrup and apple cider, combined with the highest quality spices and herbs like tamarind and quarter crack pepper.

Our sticks contain at least 40% less sodium and 45% less fat than leading snack sticks.
No eggs
No fish or shellfish
No tree nuts or peanuts
No gluten


We proudly use Vermont maple syrup and apple cider in the brines for our bacon and ham.
We primarily smoke using ground corn cobs and maple wood shavings, traditional smoke sources here in Vermont. We never use liquid or artificial smoke flavor.
We use whole muscle hams and carefully hand place each piece into its netting to ensure the best quality in every bite.
We hand trim all of our meats and we grind our meats on-site.
Our uncured items use natural preservatives to ensure food safety. In our Sticks and Summer Sausage, instead of just adding acids, we ferment to lower pH the old-school way for the best flavor.

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